Writing Your Own Story On Episode

Have you played Episode and found it hard to put your phone down? You are not alone! This has truly emerged as one of the most sought after games in recent times. Episode Choose Your Own Story is a highly addictive interactive game available for both Android and iOS. Did you know that you can make your own Episode story? The game is free, and so is the process of creating a story. You do not have to pay any money to use Episode story maker.

How to write a story on Episode Interactive?

If you are wondering how to create your own story on Episode, visit the Episode Interactive website, to begin with. Click on Create Story tab on the right corner of the page. You will have to log in using Google or Facebook accounts. It takes you to Episode game make your own story page.

Follow the tutorial

For everyone willing to learn how to make episode stories, there is a detailed tutorial on the creation page. This walks you through all the features to explore and the ways to customize your story.

How do you make your own story on Episode and customize it?

At a location that is easy to access, you will find script tools for quick navigation. These include Scenes, Labels, Conditions, and Choices. You can verify these crucial parameters from these tabs. You can customize everything from backgrounds to overlays, clothing, and animations for each character.

Episode create your own story help page is easy to navigate to no matter where you are on the story maker. If you do not find the information, you need you can also look for Episode create your own story cheats. These are tips from players who have already created and published their stories in the game.

Do you need coding knowledge before learning how to create a story on Episode app?

Basic coding knowledge goes a long way in making the process simpler. With this, you would be able to understand the syntax better to follow. You can go back to the tutorial that tells you how to make Episode stories. Identifying and correcting errors are simple. Grammatically flawless stories have better chances of being published. These also have better reception.

Why should you create your own story Episode game?

If you love to make your own story, Episode offers a good platform. Besides exercising your creativity, are there other perks with Episodes create your own story feature?

Monetary benefits

If your story gets good reader retention, then there are monetary benefits available. Besides being a part of the prestigious writer community, you also get paid. There are certain conditions that the game publishing company expects your story to fulfill. When this happens, episode interactive creates your own story venture helps you earn real money.


You get to be part of the writer’s forum when you create your story game in Episode. You get to share your story with players around the world and garner social media popularity. When you make your story game in Episode you retain ownership.


Where to look for inspirations? Well, read more Episode stories! They are the masterpieces of various other authors just like yourselves that were carefully selected and published as an Episode story in the app. This will however cost a lot. Being able to get many gems is critical and you should definitely know how.

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