Other games like Episode Choose Your Story

Mobile gaming is rage, a trend that is hard to ignore. With the ever-growing popularity of Episode, the interactive story game, there have been many similar games in the market. You get to play more games like Episode and multiply your fun. Apps like Episode are great stress busters. No strategy or logic comes into the picture. In games like Episode choose your story, you take chances and see how the story unfolds. Every little decision you make counts in these apps like Episode choose your own story. Are you looking to experience more stories? Are you looking to try plenty of storylines? Then you should know that there are more games like Episode online.

What are the best free games like Episode?

Choices: Stories You Play

choices stories you play

Very much like Episode, this one allows you to fall in love, solve crimes, or even try Fantasy adventures. Full customization of the characters and rapidly growing story collection are some of the biggest perks. It Lives In The Woods, Endless Summer, The Freshman, and The Freshman are among some of the most popular stories in this game. Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Horror, there is no limit when it comes to genres.

Romance Club

romance club

Comedy, simple Romance, Mystery, whatever be the kind of story you like, this game has them all. You get to customize your Avatar and make decisions that change the course of the story. Sails in the Fog, Moonborn, and My Hollywood Story are among some of the famous stories to check out.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars

hollywood u rising stars

You are the newest Hollywood sensation in this game. You play as a mentor for aspiring celebrities who enroll in Hollywood University. It is the kind of game that can give you a boost of self-esteem by virtually putting you in a crucial position. After having achieved fame, you can choose how you want your life to proceed from there. Dress with all the chic celebrity trends, rise to greater heights in your career or even play matchmaker on the way.

Choice of Robots

choice of robots

If you are tired of playing with human characters, then this game lets you play with bots. Creating and personalizing your bot and then teaching it new skills would be your job. You can make your robot learn about emotions and let your creative juices flow.

High School Story

high school story

For the teens, this is a delightful adventure. For the grownups, this game is full of nostalgic memories of high school. You get to relive your high school days, throw parties, date the hottest guy in school, make plenty of friends, and also customize your character for every occasion.

These are free games like Episode for iPhone and Android phones. If you are a hardcore fan of Episode, then check out our cool generator tool, which allows you access to unlimited resources for the game. When you play Episode, how to create a story is another feature to learn about. These measures help you make the most of the game.