How To Get Free Gems And Passes On Episode

Earning free gems and passes on Episode

There are so many aspects that make Episode an irresistible game. It has many interesting stories and even more delicious endings to unlock. You can even write your own Episode story too.

However, there is just one thing that most players fret about – limited availability of game resources. Are you wondering how to get free passes on episode? Read to find out some of the most popular ways to do it.

Pay for it?

Before we tell you how to get free passes on episode cheat, you should know about the default ways to earn them. There are two ways to do it-

You can buy gems and passes in the game with real money. Be warned, however, that the bundles are all pretty expensive. Many critical decisions call for several gems, and you would, therefore, end up spending hundreds of dollars to buy them.

The other option on how to get free gems on episode or even passes is to play the game, with oodles of patience simply. It takes several hours for the passes reserve to refill. The only way to earn gems for free is to complete a chapter.

How to get free passes on episode iphone and Android phones with mod file?

For free passes in the game, one of the well-known methods is to go for an Episode mod app file for the smartphone. This is an executable file that allows you to install a hacked version of your favorite game. As the game is hacked, you get full access to unlimited resources like gems and passes. However, there is just one big problem in relying on this method- the reliability of this method. Not all the modded files are genuine. Some of them are expensive. You have to download and install a file, which is again an added hassle. Installing such files can harm your device.

Doing it the default way takes forever to add gems, and doing it with mod files can be risky. So how to hack episode without losing game data and without risking your phone’s safety? There is one easy way of how to get free passes and gems on episode – using the Episode gems generator tool. This is your only reliable option, which is also one of the most convenient paths to take. If you are wondering in episode how to get gems and passes, then leave aside your doubts and check out this simple yet effective way to do it.

How to get unlimited gems on episode in a safe way?

With the tool for generating gems for Episode, there is the option to choose how many gems and passes you would like. You would not have to wait for the gems and passes reserve to swell. You can enter the amount you require and find them in your account. With this, you can play your game uninterrupted. There is no worry about spending real money to enjoy all the features of the game. Therefore, for all the players asking how to get more gems on episode without risking anything, this tool comes as the only trustworthy option.