How To Get Free Gems And Passes On Episode

For all the Episode Choose Your Story fans earning gems and passes might seem like a nightmare. At the sluggish pace at which the game gives you these resources by default, finding a shortcut might be useful. This would give you a competitive edge in the game. Episode mod apk is one of the most popular options that many players choose. However, does episode choose your story mod apk work?

What is Episode apk?

Episode hack apk is a modified Android Application package for the game. With episode mod apk unlimited gems and passes, download becomes a reality. The real deal here is to know whether these episode apk mod options are easy to use. You should also know about the risks in them.


How does Episode hacked apk work?

An Episode hack apk gives you a slice of the game close to the original version. However, this is a hacked variant that allows full access to plenty of game resources. Therefore you would be able to play all the stories you like and make decisions that require gems. When you download, episode apk unlimited passes and gems are at your disposal. Therefore you can ignore the hassle of waiting for passes to accumulate in your account. It is like any simple Android application where you install the package and run it. With our Episode modded apk installed playing, the game becomes so much more fun.

With all the perks that the episode chooses your story unlimited passes apk options to seem to offer, what is the real problem? Why do many experienced players stay away from downloading episode choose your story hack apk?

Risks in Episode mod apk download

Hack the game or hack your phone?

As a safety measure, Android doesn’t allow you to download and install APK from unidentified sources. When you install a random Episode interactive apk, you are breaching this precautionary step. You should be aware that there are plenty of hackers who wait to get malware into your phones to be able to hack your phones. On installing episode choose your story apk hack mod on your phone, you are opening a bridge for hackers to enter. Many fake hacked episode apk files contain viruses that can infect the phone. You do not want to lose your privacy and personal data on your phone to enhance your game experience.

Why compromise on the options?

The other major drawback of using Episode hacked apk download package is that not all of them offer full access to all stories. You are stuck with playing a limited number of stories and might not get regular updates. With the original version of the game, new stories are added regularly.

So what else can you do instead of episode choose your story unlimited passes and gems apk download?

Alternatives to episode download apk

The other safe and convenient way to earn gems without episode choose your story full apk mod is to go for our online generator tool. Like episode choose your story mod apk download, you can earn endless gems and passes for the game with our Episode hack free gems and passes generator tool. However, there is no hassle of downloading any software or losing your personal information.