Best Stories on Episode You Should Read in 2020

Love, friendship, romance, guilt, relationship, breakup, etc are the things which are mostly found in the good stories. Stories are the things with which, many people relate themselves and feel like they are themselves, the protagonist of their favorite story.

Here we will talk about some must-read stories on Episode. The episode is the biggest platform where we can find billions of options to find the stories of our like and can go in the word along as the main character of the story. These stories are available in the game format where we can customize the dress, dress color, eye, eye color, hair type and hair color as per our way to look.

We will be known here some of the most-watched and interesting stories on Episode these days. None of them will displease you in any manner if you read in accordance with all the situation using a suitable combination of color, dress, and other options provided.

Let's start one by one

In this list the first story is

it starts with a bra

It all starts with a bra

The main part of the story starts with the scene where a sexy neighbor boy is seen in the lead character’s room with her bra. The story is full of lust, romance, prank, friendship.

With this scene, the story keeps on unfolding its magical flow in which the reader finds themselves completely involved.

The main characters of this story are:

  • Alec Zander Ryder
  • Dylan Octavious Merrick
  • Voilet Venice Moore
  • Toby Donnel Coleman
  • Reese Kovac
  • and Chase O' Neil.

In this list our 2nd story is

the kiss list

The Kiss List

This story revolves around a student whose family keeps on moving from one place to another, one city to another city and one town to another town very frequently. In this series of moving from one place to another the main character of this story finds herself in the Kent wood Academy, the most prestigious learning point in the city. It is her seventh college.

There she finds many young friends of the same kind. And here from the story began to expand by and by keeping the reader along with its turn and twist which make the reader feel that the same is happening with them in real life and they find themselves totally connected with the story.

The next story in this list is

the baby project

The Baby Project

This is also one of the most featured stories on Episode. People go crazy about the events happening in this story. This story narrates the mysterious happenings that happened with the main character of this story.

The characters of this Episode are Tony, Jonah(the boy love interest), Leah( the girl love interest) and spencer. These are the main characters of this story.

The other important characters include the name Gina and Bey, they are the friends of the protagonist of this story and in love with each other.

The Story evolves with the car accident whose memory is no more in the protagonist’s mind due to an injury. The protagonist gets a project 'The Baby Project' which she has to finish with the help of some mates. Soon after the group finds a new mysterious entry whose connection is with the night about which the protagonist has forgotten all about.

Let's move to our next story that is

started with a lie

Started with a lie

This is a very interesting story written by Yaju Tuladhar and Kathryn Stanely.

It is one of the best romantic genre stories consisting of a total of 15 chapters.

The story begins when the protagonist of the story is asked questions about a murder and the protagonist starts telling the story. She begins the story with reference of the time when she started dating Cameron Dallas. Actually, this statement of dating Cameron Dallas is not true and she accepted it just to make Karen feel jealous.

The whole story moves about how a girl gets engaged with someone for life just because of a lie. Just one lie changes her whole life forever.

Our next story is

mean girls

Mean Girls

What would be your dream job if you will be asked about it? Most of the people will go for becoming a doctor, engineer etc. Everyone one some specific interest in one specific job but the protagonist of this story finds it very good to get an internship job with a fashion designer on Beverly Hills. The dream job soon becomes not so easy when the protagonist finds a very tough competition for the job in this story.

This is a romantic comedy story that has 18 chapters so far. It would be great fun to play the role of this story feels the real intensity of the situation.

The plot of the story revolves around the time when the protagonist of the story, which is a college girl, wants to take admission in North shore high school for senior year. Here she wants to apply for Yale.

Then she finds a very tough situation.

When she gets to know that it will be not as easy as she thought about. A thought competition in the form of Regina George stands before her who also applies for Yale and ready to pay a huge amount for it.

The main characters of this story are:

  • Protagonist
  • Janis lan
  • Damian lan
  • Regia George
  • Karen Smith
  • Cady Heron
  • Gretchen Wieners
  • Micah Bergman.

Some other characters of this story are:

  • Borsha
  • Michelle
  • Tamara
  • Mr. Duvall
  • Can

These are some of the best stories that we can go through on Episode. All the stories are tough competition for each other. You can choose any story to play with.

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We are also open to entertaining all the good stories created by you if have any. You are all invited to share your creative stories with the whole world of entertainment here.