Ace the game and get better at Episode Choose Your Story with free gems and passes

As one of the leading storytelling platforms in the smartphone segment, episode - choose your story comes from the game company Pocket Gems and created by Episode Interactive.

Have you seen a few players scroll through story after story unstoppably while you struggle for gems and passes to accumulate in your account? The chances are that they are using Episode free gems and passes cheats to expand the possibilities in the game while you are struggling with conventional ways. So what are you waiting for? Pick a reliable Episode hack to get unlimited free Episode gems and passes and explore ALL the hidden features and stories in the app. Play all the stories you like without time or limited resources stopping you. This Episode Free gems hack gives you access to passes and gems for the game securely and dependably.

Before we tell you about this easy way to get free gems on Episode, here’s a sneak-peek into what Episode Choose Your Story is about.

Episode: an overview

If you are someone who loves to bend the rules, Episode Choose Your Story helps you retain full control of how the story progresses. From the storyline to how your characters look, every aspect of the game is customizable. As a Hollywood-caliber game, it comes with several stories categorized in various genres. From the popularity that Episode has earned, it is hard to believe that it was only launched in 2014. A young team of more than 80 people handle the game behind the scenes.

Supported devices

You can play Episode Choose Your Story on any Android smartphone or tablet or iPhones and iPads. It also offers content like stickers and others for use in iMessage.

What is Episode about?

In the age where passive entertainment is being considered an old trend, Episode is an interactive mobile game available for both Android and iOS. It is one of the very few games in the casual gaming category with such consistent response across the popular mobile platforms.

There are endless choices in stories segregated in various genres. The popular genres are Romance, Mystery, Thriller/Horror, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, and Action/Adventure. Therefore, learning how to get Episode free gems is beneficial to players with diverse preferences in Episode. Whether it is to exercise your creativity or to kill time or even to pick a stressbuster, Episode Choose Your Story can mean different things to different players. The kind of emotional connection that Episode has established with the fans is one of the critical aspects of its growth.

Episode Choose Your Story presents itself in the form of a story, of course. The core storyline depends on the genre you choose. However, no one knows what comes next. Scene by scene, the story unravels in front of your eyes. You get narratives, dialogues, and animations displayed on the screen. You then get questions about how you want your character to react in that particular scenario. Among the choices presented, most of them are free. There are some game-changing situations where some of the options cost your gems. Sometimes you find yourself in a position to pick an outfit to attend an event. Each outfit can strongly affect the character’s relationships and popularity in the game. Some of the most influential outfits cost your gems.

Episode Choose Your Story Online trivia

Would you like to hear some fun facts about this Episodeinteractive’s Masterpiece?

  • In the Apple App Store, Episode Choose Your Story is among the top 35 highest-grossing games
  • Players have so far played more than 7 billion episodes
  • The weekly active users count on this app is more than 5 million
  • Currently, there are over 100,000 different stories in many genres in Episode Choose Your Story
  • Besides the stories from the internal team, some professional writers contribute to Episode
  • Users can create their own story in Episode make a story platform, and publish it in Episode. The best ones earn real money
  • There are 12million creators in Episode Choose Your Story and counting

Why should you know about passes and gems in this Episodes Interactive game?

Almost every game out there has its own set of resources. You can use these resources to progress levels and explore all the features of the game. Similarly, in Episode Choose Your Story, Gems and Passes are the two primary resources that any player should know about. This Episode gems cheat is so popular because of the significance of these game resources.


Why do you need them: gems are the Episode's virtual currency. You can use them to buy clothes and other customization options. You can also use gems to make essential choices in the game.

How do you get them – completing each chapter gives you a gem


Why do you need them: to play any chapter you need a pass. You can replay the whole story making your decisions fresh using passes.

How do you get them – Episode automatically awards passes periodically. Once the pass reserve is full, you have to use them for the reserve to fill up again.

The other easy way to obtain resources is to connect your social media accounts. Sometimes you can also take part in events to earn gems.

The above methods are straightforward and easy, as well. However, if you have played even one chapter in Episode, you might understand how some critical choices cost several gems. It feels like an eternity to wait for gems to gather on their own. What is the other option you have? Other than the freeways to earn these resources, you can also purchase them for real money. Gem and Pass packs are all available in Episode's store to buy at any time. Let us warn you; these packs are all expensive. Considering the number of gems you might use in a single chapter, it is going to be a costly affair if you start shelling out bucks from your wallet.

Other than the default paid and free options episode, choose your story cheats are available. Two main ways to change your game is with Episode mod apk and with this free and simple Episode choose your story free gems online generator tool.

Why doesn’t an Episode mod apk get a thumbs up for getting free episode passes and gems?

The trend of using mod apk for Episode has been around for some time now. However, given the many risks and the risky apk files online, many players refrain from using them.

That shrinks your options for getting Episode free passes and gems, right? Wrong! We have an even easier way to do it. What if we told you that it is easy and effective? This Episode passes hack is simple enough for anyone to use. You do not have to download any software.

Episode game hack – gems and passes online generator

This tool is one of the most accessible Episode unlimited free gems and passes cheats online. It gives you an easy way to increase the gems and passes in your game. You would be able to add as many passes to your account without having to wait. As a tool that doesn’t take much time to give you results, it can quickly become your favorite shortcut for completing Episode Choose Your Story. With all the free gems and free passes for Episode, you can play as many stories as you want and take any decision you like in each scene.

What are the real benefits of using this Episode app hack?

This is one of the simplest Episode game cheats that you will find online. Simplicity in all forms makes it possible to obtain your resources without wracking your brains. There is a simple interface. Anyone with the knowledge of how to use the internet would be able to use the tool. You do not need any experience in handling any Episode app cheats to be able to use this one.

You do not need any coding or software experience to use the tool. There are no complicated steps that call for technical expertise. It is a simple webpage where you give a few details to get your desired task done.

You do not have to download any software. Therefore even if you do not have much space on your device, you can still use this. All you need is an internet connection and an internet browser. After Episode choose your story download on your device, you can directly access this page and add your resources.

It is a free tool. We know that you are looking for every possible means that helps you save money while you also enjoy Episode to its fullest. Therefore we do not charge you any money to use the tool. It gives you a true sense of saving money while also accessing your favorite game’s many features.

Episode Choose Your Story is now one of the top interactive story-based games in the market for both Android and iOS. Also, knowing that there are millions of players playing these games, you can go beyond your limits and feel that adrenaline rush as you play the many stories. As you gain access to all the gems and passes you want, you can easily go level after level without worrying about the shortage of gems or passes. Therefore, if you are someone who plays Episode daily, then this tool can revolutionize the way you look at Episode. It gives you the confidence to decide which choice to pick in any situation.

It is a multi-platform tool. Therefore, there are no limitation based on the device you own. You can access the generator from a browser on a laptop or desktop or even choose the options from a smartphone. Without any software download requirement, there are no compatibility issues to be checked. As a responsive page with fast load times, this tool allows you to do the job and get back to Episode quickly. The tool doesn’t care which device you play your game on. All that the tool needs is your Episode account username to get started. That is the true sense of versatility that makes this tool even more special. It is something that works to give free gems for episode iphone or Android phone.

How is it different from other cheats for Episode passes and gems?

Transparency of this tool is one thing that makes it different from most others out there. There are many that promise you episode choose your story hack no survey clauses. However, after you enter your Episode login details, you might be directed to a quiz page. The quiz might take forever to load, and you would be wasting a lot of time. Sometimes, after all this, you end up getting a prompt that you are not part of the lucky few who got their resources. These tools gather information but not give anything in return. However, when you use this free episode gems and passes generator, we tell you upfront about the whole process. There are no hidden clauses to worry about or hidden charges that you have to bear later on.

There are many downloadable cheat codes for Episode, which might cost you money. Not all of them are free. The only benefit is that you pay once and earn unlimited gems instead of buying gem packs. However, that is again real money going out from your pocket. We offer Episode unlimited gems access free.

With this episode choose your story free passes and gems generator, you can use all features of Episode as usual. There is no hacked game that you will be playing. This means that you do not have to worry about losing out on the updates. With Episode mod apk, you are playing a modified version of the game where story updates are not very quick.

The security aspect is one place where most of the episode choose your story hack tool options to fail. However, the security of the player’s data is something we value as the top priority. The website encryption takes care of secure transactions. It makes sure that no data that the gamer enters leaks or breaches the gamer’s privacy.

A simple interface steals the show. Some of the tools that let you generate free gems come with several steps that take time and effort. We do not wish to spoil the fun. Therefore we focus on delivering a simple interface that takes a few quick steps to add all the gems and passes you want. A straightforward layout and quick processing differentiate this tool from others.

Unlike many tools that do not secure the game username, we mask it. With this, the tool ensures that your game account details remain shielded from the game server tracking them. It can be a huge plus. Many have lost all their game progress because of getting a ban on the game account. This happens on using risky bot-based gem generation. These often get into a hazardous loop of unlimited loading gems. This brings your account under screening and increases the chances of losing your account permanently. Our episode free gems cheat works without this complication. Therefore, you can continue where you left your game, with plenty more gems and passes.

How to use Episode free gems and passes generator?

As we promised, you can earn your gems the easy way. With this tool, how do you earn gems on episode?

  • The first step is to navigate to the gems and passes the generator page. It is a simple page that loads promptly. Even in a slow connection, you can quickly load the site. It also works whether you open it on mobile or a laptop or a PC. You would not be downloading any tool here. Therefore, loading the page is the only step.
  • Navigate to the gems and passes the generator section on the page. 
  • There is a blank where you should enter the username of the account you have used for Episode. If you are having trouble locating your username or if you have forgotten it, you can find it from the app. Go to the settings page by clicking the menu button. At the bottom of the page, you find the Username of your Episode account. Players who are playing without connecting their email or social media accounts will have a unique alphanumeric name. For the others, it is the name that you choose when you begin playing Episode or a name from your social media account. Key in this username in the blank.
  • The next two blanks are where you enter the number of gems and passes that you want. We keep an upper limit on the count to secure your account from screening. Sudden unreasonable increase in passes or gems can lead to problems. We have tried and tested a safe figure and only allow you to add a preset number of resources. You can also choose a number smaller than that if you like. 
  • Once you enter passes and gems count, click on the generate now button below. 
  • You will see a window that shows you what happens in the background while you wait. Verification of your Episode account, masking of the account id, generation of the gems, and passes are among the many steps that happen. Once your gems are ready for a deposit, there is one final step to carry out from your side.
  • The tool redirects you to a human verification page. We have only added this page to rule out the possibility of requests from bots and automated tasks. This step helps us secure our database and also secure the user’s data. Human verification can happen in a few quick steps. You get detailed instructions on how to complete the process. 
  • After verification, the generated gems and passes directly reach your account. If your game is already open on the device, quit the page and reload the application. As long as you have a good internet connection, the increase in resources happens instantly. Once Episode Choose Your Story refreshes, you can see the new count in your account. 

You can continue playing your favorite game with all the additional gems in your account. If you have been using episode choose your story create mode, you can continue from where you left. None of the background tasks of an increase in Episode gem count will affect any other aspect of your game.

Remember that if you already own multiple Episode gems in your account, this number would not change. When you generate more free episode gems, they add to what you already own. There is no risk of losing what you have been hoarding with care.

Can these Pocket Gems Episode cheats actually change your game?

This is an episode hack that works as promised. If you are among the millions of loyal fans that Episode has, then you have probably completed several stories already. Have you noticed how the number of stories added to the collection has drastically been increasing? It is from the very warm welcome that Episode Choose your Story has been receiving. Though there are many new games similar to this one, it still has the unique aspects that make it special. In the ever-growing fan base, if you are looking for a way to steadily march forward, then this episode free gems and passes hack is all you need. Add unlimited free Episode gems and passes, try out as many stories you like on a single day. In each story, make the most attractive decision, no matter how many gems it costs. With this, you get to explore some of the hidden gems in the storyline. The adventure gets more exciting, as well. Remember that only the most thrilling turns cost your gems.

A final word

Episode chooses your story romance, and other genres are all interesting in their ways. Some originals, classic stories are popular around the world. There might be some that your friends recommend. Hurdles like lack of gems or passes do not have to stop you from playing Episde. Episode gameplay, on the whole, gets better with this free episode gems generator. Play choose your story for as long as you want, and however you want. There is no stopping you!

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